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The Nashville musician side of us always gives us a fun prospective on life and creativity. When the doors began to open to help couples plan for their wedding day, DJ, sound, lighting and coordination of how the evening unfolded were already a part of who we were and was, well, instinctively, second nature. We love assisting couples with one of the most important (and romantic) days of their lives. Sure, there's a lot to think about but it's wonderful and something you will always look back to as the beginning of forever.

Enter the second phase of who we are, we love people and love to connect. Capturing moments through photography was the obvious next step. We have both been around the art forever and have strong influences that have mentored us through the years. When we were ready to begin offering this service, we never looked back. We love posed, candid, natural light, off camera light, sunset, motion, and any other type of shot that captures the joy of your day. It's memories that we're about. 

We are family oriented and work with a team of people that feel the same way we do. 


Let's talk. Call (615) 390-2784 for immediate assistance.